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Artist Spotlight: Amanda Sage

Linzy Miggantz: What is your ultimate mission with your art?

Amanda Sage: To inspire a greater sense of wonder and uplift humanity through visual harmonics and storytelling.

LM: What inspires you? Favorite colour? Favorite cannabis strain( you don’t have to answer that one lol)

AS: I am inspired by the invisible threads that weave matter into form. 

By the magic that happens when the brush touches the canvas, by the freedom to choose what world I want to create and to use this as a tool to help others become active in creating their own visions.

Orange has been one of my favorite colors for a really long time… a transparent vibrant orange… the rich warmth from the sun and the coals in the fire… But really the Rainbow has my heart 😉

Blue Dream can inspire some really nice dreams 😉

LM: When did you first realize that being an artist is what you wanted to do with your life ?

AS: It wasn’t so much a flash of realization… it was more of a practical and natural progression.

Drawing was something I loved to do and I had some amazing teachers that encouraged me. Once I dove into painting with guidance from the artist Michael Fuchs in Vienna Austria, I went through a training that took away the fear and showed me that I could paint anything. Then I had the great opportunity to work with the master artist Ernst Fuchs as an assistant for 10 years, and while working with him I learned to let go of what I had “learned” and allow spirit to work with me. The ever expansive field of potential in a blank canvas is one of the most exciting adventures. Being an artist is also much like being a midwife and supporting the birth of a new life as it comes into the world. One must be sensitive and open to the needs of the art. I think the most important is to be clear in ones intention, then show up to your work and ask for support from spirit.

LM: Who are some of your biggest influences that have had an impact on your heART work?

AS: I feel inspired by the sacred art of indigenous people, also by the refinement and execution of the work by the masters of the Renaissance. I also love the Surrealists, and how they exposed inner journeys in riddles. In a contemporary sense I love the work of Robert Venosa, Alex Grey, Swoon (Callie Curry), Audrey Kawasaki, Carrie Ann Baade, Bjork and so many more.

LM: How has the role of plant medicines like cannabis impacted your life or art?

AS: There are times when my mind is so wrapped up in the “world” of to-do’s and my perspective seems limited… Plant based medicines have been a great tool in reminding me of the great expanse available right here and now. They can act like a trigger to open up the dam that is built by daily needs and deeds… There was a time when I was so invested in learning to SEE what is, I couldn’t see through it and I knew there was more.  Journeying into a visionary realm with the aid of entheogens helped me see what I knew was there… something I remembered from when I was a child… the fairy world was just a veil away!

LiM: Why do you think Art has such an impact to spark major changes within the minds, heARTs, and souls of people?

AS: Art is a language that transcends time, space and language. It speaks to the heart and can ignite dormant hopes. The world at large can often feel challenging and smother the fragile dreams of our inner worlds. More than ever we need the courage to explore new concepts of who we really are and how we can live more vibrant healthy lives.

I believe Art plays a key roll in this awakening, viewing it as well as creating it.





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