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LinZy Miggantz is a visionary artist who has suffered from crohns disease for many years. Crohns Disease kept her from living life and doing her artwork because of all the pain. During a painful moment she was suicidal. Instead of being irrational and self harming she decided to use cannabis to calm her mind. She then had a vision. In that moment between reality and consciousness she experienced a beautiful divine white light fused with golden sparks and purple luminescent spirals envelope her body as she melted in to the warmth of universal loving energy. It was at this moment she finally found true inner peace and sacred space within. She then saw a vision of a green woman with smoke stacks and grey skies behind the woman. Linzy knew this was the cannabis diva crying for help and saying it wanted to help us and our earth back to health. Through the use of cannabis oil, sacred geometry, art and colour theory/therapy LinZy has found life again. When LinZy creates a piece of art she usually uses colours from the entire spectrum in order to create a visual balance that sings to the eyes, soul, and entire chakra system. Using colours that correlate with the emotions she is feeling while painting, she balances her self out energetically which also helps to calm and soothe her body from her crohns disease and other ailments while the CANNABIS OIL works to repair damage, regenerate tissues, and refortify her ENDOCANNABINOID system. Ever since I had my own healing experience with cannabis oil helping my suicidal tendencies and my Crohn's disease I have vowed to shine light and speak the truth about it! Creating Cannabis themed art has been a central focus of mine because it allows the opportunity to have a conversation with people that will open their eyes to the truth about this plant. Martin Luther King Jr said : "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter". Dr. king was right about this and we should all use our voices to help those who do not have one. On the grand scale, Freeing cannabis isn't just about medicine , textiles, fuel's about the FREEDOM of We The People! It's about changing UNJUST LAWS so our power systems finally work for the well-being of US rather than the corrupt and I aim to inspire others to feel the same and invoke a change. That is my mission with my heART, be the change we need by inspiring people with truth through imagery because a picture does indeed speak 1000 words ESPECIALLY in these times where society learns more visually than ever before.

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