Finding Balance in Time for Winter


With it comes the changing of the seasons and we begin to watch nature withdraw herself and turn inward. As we follow her on this journey we begin to prepare our gardens, our harvest, our mind, our lives, and our homes for winter. With the days getting shorter and the workload getting heavier, we find ourselves rising early and staying up late harvesting and trimming the beautiful bounty we’ve worked so hard for all year. With so much to do in the garden it can be difficult to find time to take care of our body and mind. Finding even 15 minutes a day for meditation, yoga, a quick work out, or just a walk around the property admiring your accomplishments can be such a blessing and so refreshing to our souls. Harvest is a beautiful time yet a stressful time. Tensions are high and our minds run wild with every bump and sound we hear in the garden at night. Sleepless nights and long days take a tole on us farmers, we must remind ourselves that harvest time is a blessing not a burden. This time of year is perfect for making sure clones of your favorite plants are doing well and to tend to mother plants. A light top dressing of Kelp Meal, Shrimp Meal, and Feather Meal will keep them green and thriving all winter long. Its also necessary this time of year to stay up on your mold preventatives on the plants you plan on keeping for next year. We prefer to make a biodynamic tea from dried horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) and use that as a foliar on our vegging plants. It is a great source of Silica and a great preventative for PM. If you have not done so already, take this time to choose a cover crop to protect and enrich your soil over winter. Mother Nature is now finding her balance of light and dark and we should do the same. Take your time and find your balance. Just as we watch the leaves slowly turn yellow and begin to fall off our plants we ourselves need to let go of the things that are no longer serving us positively. Find a minute to be out to the garden, sitting or standing in meditation with the plants thanking them for all they provide. Now is the time to be grateful, giving thanks that we are able to live the lives we do. We are all truly blessed!


Bio: The Fire Ridge Family has been cultivating top shelf organic cannabis for over a decade. The husband and wife team teach yoga, holistic healing, and herbalism all while running the Fire Ridge Seed Co breeding program and handling all cultivation on the hill. They both live and love life in beautiful Southern Oregon with their daughter who was born at home, on their farm.

-Matt and Chelsy

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