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ORTHOGONAL, INC.: The Berkshire Hathaway of Socially Conscious Capitalism


“Orthogonal is a holding company and ecosystem that unites the desire to make money with doing good for the planet and society. We focus on a wide range of successful innovations from food and plant sciences to blockchain technology and crypto currency. By pooling our collective resources and diverse team knowledge we incubate our holdings and provide strategic partnerships to help scale each to their greatest potential… for investors. And the planet.”
–David Nikzad
$12.2M valuation cap
A SAFE gives you the right to future shares in Orthogonal, Inc. . If you invest, you’re betting the company will be worth more than $12.2M in the future.



Orthogonal will send you a gift basket from one of our incubated companies. Your choices: 1) Maui Raw – outrageously tasty vegan, non-GMO macadamia nut spreads and treats, or 2) Randy’s Remedy – essential oils and lotion made from hemp and other responsibly sourced botanical ingredients that provide effective health benefits to decrease anxiety, improve mood and support good pain management.



We intend to engage with a new mindset of investor who sees the benefit of doing good. Our goals are not the goals that the big companies of our parents’ era embraced, where profits often did not serve the greater good nor the best interest of society. As we invest $50k-100k in startups at seed stage and make at least 11 deals per year, our ambition is to continue funding companies positioned to benefit society, but that need extra funding and mentorship to get there.



  • We are one of the first pre-institutional investors in Betterment in 2009, which is now valued at $800M and manages over $13B in assets.
  • Currently incubating seven seed-stage companies: Surya Spa & Surya Bread, Maui Raw, Kitchen Nation, Christina Seeds Inc., Randy’s Remedy, iSolve Blockchain, and
  • Part of our holdings includes Meadow and Confident Cannabis. Both of these companies do not touch the seed and generated $300M in gross sales volume in 2017. With new legislation for legality in California and across many states in the US, we expect these sales numbers to grow exponentially.
  • We have a signed term sheet for a Pharma ICO and are launching our own ICO in Spring 2018 to provide blockchain solutions that benefit all of our holdings.





We Operate as World-Changers

As a holding company, we control equity stake in our companies in return for operational resources, a management ecosystem, and mentorship. Our founders have more than 15 years of experience in investing with over 120 investments made to date. In addition, our team has a demonstrable ability to propel companies from seed stage to growth. Together, we have developed unique criteria to identify and accelerate the expansion of high-frequency companies and products. Entrepreneurial initiative is coordinated with investments in later-stage businesses with proven market command for a balanced, yet bold, overall strategy.



Strategic Synergy

Since we are an operating company, an important piece of criteria we use is each company’s ability to magnify the value within our holdings. A synergistic and exponential multiplier is key. 


Passionate Leaders

The goods and services that bring great value to people and the planet often have entrepreneurs behind them that represent a singular, incomparable passion. Many have been diligently working for years, demonstrating and honing their ability to execute, for when the market opportunity finally opens for disruption. A shift in thinking has reached its pivot point. Orthogonal is poised to capture.


Socially Woke

Conscious capitalism is another vetting metric that yields lucrative insight. When qualifying a company by it’s potential social good, a surprising thing happens – these businesses attract customers more easily. They raise awareness at a higher level and gain exposure rapidly. The outliers destined for success often achieve quick and enthusiastic market penetration and triumph if they are the first to market. 





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