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It’s been 16 years since Silas P. Silas and Jamal King headed to Harvard in How High, and so it seems fitting that an upcoming sequel has been confirmed at a Vancouver nightclub located on the same block where Cheech and Chong first met half a century ago. 

The film’s two stars  cousins Clifford Smith and Reginald Noble better known by their stage names Method Man and Redman hit the stage at Chinatown’s Fortune Sound Club last Sunday (Jan. 29) for the inaugural Canadian Fire Bowl, and Redman took a break after the show for a puff and a chat with CLN correspondent Craig Ex.

“Listen, if it was up to me, How High 2 would’ve been out in 2004,” said the 46-year-old rapper and noted cannabis enthusiast. “It was all political. It wasn’t Red and Meth. But Universal [Studios] opened the doors to back up and it had been under a company under Universal.”

Although widely panned by critics, the 2001 comedy has a 79% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and helped relaunch the stoner comedy genre while paving the way for the Harold and Kumar franchise and the career of Vancouver’s own Seth Rogen. (It’s also notable for featuring the great Spalding Gray’s last major film performance before his suicide.) Redman said work is currently underway on a followup to the cult classic.

“So right now the script is being written,” he added. “Hopefully we’ll get it right by September and we can hopefully start shooting at the end of this year.”

He added that the duo are working on new material for a Blackout 3 album as well as for the upcoming film’s soundtrack.

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Article courtesy of Expert Contributor Andrew Fleming of Cannabis Life Network ( & @Flematic)

Fleming, A. Rappin with Redman Expert Joints Retrieved from

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