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In Memoriam

Remembering Mickey Martin

“YOU ARE MY MOTHERFUCKER! Since I can’t get into Canada and you aren’t allowed in America will we ever see each other again? Jamaica?”

This was one of the last messages I received from Mickey and while it might not be in Jamaica, yes we will, in some other place, far away from right and wrong, where we can be at peace, filled with your favorite people, policed by Addy and with glowies for all.

Mickey Martin was as unique as they come, a man who understood that integrity meant standing up for what is good and true even when it is inconvenient, especially then. This feature alone is enough to distinguish him from the many others who throw around this word with both impunity and little substance, but there’s a whole lot more to what made the man. He was real, had an incredibly accurate moral compass, and most importantly, was willing to do the hard work, whether he was deciphering complicated regulations for our benefit or organizing a gift drive for kids whose parents were incarcerated and unable to.

I would often rely on Mickey when attempting to gage whether an individual I was contemplating working with was sincere. His instincts, honed by the merciless streets, were unparalleled and with few exceptions, he was usually on the mark.

I would also rely on him when someone needed help. All I had to do was send a message via FB, as Mickey didn’t do phones, and money would get to the required destination before I even had finished my last reply. He was ferocious when he decided to do something; ferocious in love, and even more so when he saw someone being taken advantage of. It wasn’t hard to hate Mickey if you were hateful or had something to hide. It was real easy to love him if you were human.

Mickey’s pride and joy was his family and now it’s our turn to give a helping hand like he did for so many. I know my American friends have got his back but I urge people from around the world to contribute to a man who changed many lives for the better. Let’s show that people like Mickey never disappear.

SKUNK Magazine will also have a booth at Chalice, July 7th until 9th, in Victorville. We are donating a portion of our booth towards fundraising for Mickey’s family. If you wish to volunteer or donate items for raffle please reach out to my partner, Julie Chiariello at to coordinate the efforts.

We are also encouraging people to send a short story or tribute to Mickey which we will include in our next issue of SKUNK.

I love you Mickey, the world will be a much less authentic place without you.


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