REVIEW: Northern Lights Shatter from Dog Pound Concentrates


Dog Pound Concentrates is a Toronto craft-cannabis extraction company specializing in several strains of high quality shatter. They officially launched in 2017 but have several years of cannabis extraction experience, even working with Marc Emery and companies such as Cannabis Culture. 

Dog Pound Concentrates offer shatter, budder, THC distillate and CBD isolate in their product line, and with a recent brand redesign by the infamous cannabis character illustrator, Beck, they’ve come out in 2018 stronger than ever.

Accessing Dog Pound Concentrates

Dog Pound Concentrates products can be found in various dispensaries across Toronto, including SparQ Dispensary and Sea of Green Dispensary (which also offers Canada-wide mail order). Feel free to reach out to them on Instagram 

@dogpoundconcentrates to learn more.

Unique to Dog Pound Concentrates

Being a craft-cannabis extraction company, Dog Pound Concentrates is able to focus highly on the quality of the end-product before reaching shelves, producing highly potent, clean concentrates for cannabis users. Given their craft production, strain selections are always fresh and new making every customer purchase feel somewhat rare and special. 

What I also like are their package labels, showing a summarized profile of the strain and its effects, similar to that of Leafly.

Being a smaller company, Dog Pound Concentrates is also able to personally assist and tend to vendors and even customers, ensuring quality control and customer satisfaction from production all the way through to the end-sale.

Smell, Appearance, Texture and Taste 

Upon opening the package, my nose was hit with light floral terpenes wafting from the parchment paper that encased big chunks of gold goodness. No detection of any solvent smell.

The shatter I am used to is often a very thin piece on parchment paper, but these pieces of shatter were thick and chunky. Golden and yellow, completely translucent, and super-solid this shatter was stable to say the least.

I took a small chunk on my dab tool and dropped it on my titanium nail set at 675 degrees Fahrenheit. I notice no sizzle, and inhaling is smooth, while the exhale was filled with intense floral flavour. Beautiful. 


Listed appropriately as an indica, effects did not take long to take hold. Upon the exhale, my body was instantly met with a wave of relaxation that poured over my muscles and joints. Instantly calming, this strain was great for my anxiety and allowed me to rest my body as well as my thoughts. 


Although only a small company, I continuously hear good things about Dog Pound Concentrates, and after trying this Northern Lights, I can see why! Quality shatter and locally made, with a constantly changing menu of strains, Dog Pound Concentrates is fast becoming the next big extract brand on Toronto’s cannabis scene.

Final Score

Packaging: 65/100

Appearance: 90/100

Taste: 75/100

Effect: 80/100


Written by Gideon B for Skunk Magazine



Gideon is a graphic designer, writer, and consultant with and assists several cannabis-related brands and companies across Canada. 

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