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The Mtn Project

Find out how Mendo Dope is bringing the day-to-day trials of small-scale gardening to your screen.

My, my, how does their garden grow?

THE MTN PROJECT is Mendo Dope’s first TV-style garden documentary series. Filmed in 2017 through the entire season, Mendo Dope brings you along for the ups and downs on this outdoor grow. Starting with the classic tune “Im From The Mtns” from Mendo Dope’s Planters of the Trees album, the tone is set. You are about to experience first hand what it’s like to grow deep in the hills of Mendocino County. This 9-part series will take you from the start of planting all the way up to harvesting in sunny Weed Country.

The Mtn Project debuted on January 1st 2018 and aired every Monday at 8pm, featuring non-stop growing and Cannabis Culture Music. Unique camera angles, clean video editing and beautiful scenery brought this series all together. In the heart of the Emerald Triangle, deep in the mountains of Northern California, cannabis is grown everywhere you look. After a long trip up a windy dirt road, through the hills, we reach our destination and step into Mendo Dope’s personal garden. What started as a greenhouse was now just the remaining frame ready to support these massive trees grown in the full sun. This documentary is a look into the life of a ganja farmer. Early mornings and late nights, the work never stops when you are a cultivator. Through the season you get to see all the problems farmers face yearly with everything from bugs to bad weather. This show is fun and entertaining while educating people about cannabis and clean, organic growing.

Frenchy Cannoli leads us through the hash

Featured in this Cannabis Culture show are some of the biggest names in the industry. Master hashishin Frenchy Cannoli makes a special appearance and washes a fresh batch of hash in the middle of the garden under a full moon. Multiple award-winning hash maker Mr. Bond joins the fun on the mountain washing fresh live Marion Berry Kush resin. Mendo Dope brings up good friend Subcool, the Weed Nerd, to hang out and session in the middle of the trees.

Many more guests appear during the season and every episode will keep you wanting more. The Mendo boys are always having fun on the mountain and they keep the blunts burning nonstop. You get to see behind the scenes footage from the official music video “Emerald Triangle” with the Mendo Dope Band. The boys also bring out the studio equipment for a “Live in the Garden” session and you get to watch the recording of their latest single “Feeling the Change”. Using a “Cherrygasm” plant for the vocal booth they lay down this deep song dedicated to small farmers. Each episode takes you though numerous days at a time and runs about 30 minutes long. Wildlife, high grade weed and good times are what you can expect from this Cannabis Culture series The Mtn Project.

Visit Mendo Dopes YouTube channel and Subscribe to stay updated on their next garden series and How to Grow tutorials.


Click here to see Mendo Dope’s Youtube channel.


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