From Wounds to Beauty

WOUNDED PEOPLE, WOUND PEOPLE. One of the the biggest challenges within the cannabis movement is that people are not understanding and embodying the deepest lessons that the plant is attempting to teach humanity. Cannabis as a medicine can bring about great healing within our bodies, within our minds and can soften our hardened, limited beliefs and perspectives. It can assist our eyes in seeing clearly and finding inspiration and beauty in our world.

However the plant also beseeches us, to practice what it shows us, once it has opened the pathway. It asks us to learn how to see the world with fresh eyes and a free mind. As Marcus Garvey said, it is up to us to liberate ourselves from mental slavery, no one else can free our minds, not even this mighty plant. The plant flings the door open, it is us, each of us as individuals that must find our feet and our own unique way to walk through.

As I watch people in the industry war with each other, drawing sides, pointing fingers, sitting back in judgement and self righteousness, it becomes obvious, this incredible plant can only take us so far. The true evolution of our humanity requires individual accountability, compassion for ourselves and others, a desire to transform our wounds into strength and the ability to help inspire others to do so.

The true revolution that we are fighting for is on behalf of our consciousness to transform and evolve. Our world is sick because it is out of balance and we are out of balance within ourselves.

Cannabis will only get us so far, we must truly observe what the plant is teaching us in all its capabilities of regeneration, patience, vitality, natural beauty, symbiosis with the masculine and the feminine and countless other lessons it readily displays just by simply being. It is time for us to listen more deeply and encourage others to do so.

Wounded people, wound people. We must help others find ways to attend to the wound, lest we truly become the disease that we are fighting. Compassion, forgiveness and keeping our hearts open is truly being free from the slavery and oppression of the age. Prohibition is a symbol of the greater wound we are living with as the human race on one spinning globe.

Humanity is on the heroes journey, a myth unfolding. We, each of us, is asked, how well can we transform our wounds to beauty? How well can we see that all of life is sacred and every relationship within our ecosystem is sacred? Just like the soil, perfect symbiosis and balance bears the best fruit.

This is a challenge and we are all being called out.

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